03A45117.jpgWeight Loss and Breast Size

Achieving the right weight for your body frame is important for your overall health…but it can have negative effects on your breasts. Your breasts consist of fatty tissue, so as you lose fat in other parts of your body, this fat loss also typically appears in the breasts as well.

This is the reason why many women turn to breast augmentation in Denver: to restore a perky, youthful and feminine appearance to their breasts. Dr. Serota performs different breast augmentation procedures to sculpt the right size and shape of breast to complement your frame:

  • Breast implants: to increase the overall size of breasts that have shrunken due to a decrease in body fat
  • Breast lift: to provide a lift to breasts that have begun to sag due to extreme weight loss or after pregnancy

Quick or “Yo-Yo” Weight Loss May Worsen the Situation

The collagen and elastin that support your breast tissue will become more stressed if you tend to lose/gain weight often (yo-yo weight loss) or if you take drastic measures to lose weight quickly. The best way to help preserve the structure of your breasts is by losing weight at a healthy rate – and keeping the weight off. Eat a clean, nutritious diet and incorporate cardiovascular and strength training into your routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Restore Your Breast Shape

You can have it all: a toned body and fuller breasts in Denver. If your successful weight loss efforts have left you wishing for a larger bra size, contact us today to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation and find out if our Denver breast augmentation is right for you. Or take our free online Breast Augmentation Self-Evaluation as a first step.

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