Brow Lift

Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-brow-lift.jpgWould you like to look many years younger with just one procedure? If you’re between the ages of about 40 and 65, you’ve probably noticed that your forehead has changed and developed wrinkles, whether vertical or horizontal. Perhaps your eyebrows seem to have slipped downwards a bit. A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a very effective way of undoing these aging changes.

You can get the effect of a brow lift by gently pushing upwards on your skin, with your fingers above your eyebrows and to the sides of the outer corners of your eyes. Imagine how you’d feel if this was your new look. A brow lift, like all cosmetic surgery procedures, can have a powerful impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

What a brow lift does

The purpose of this procedure is to tighten loose skin, remove any excess skin, and sometimes to also remove part of the frown muscle, the one that creates those vertical lines between our eyebrows.

Dr. Serota would first give you a general physical examination, and study your medical history to see if you’d be a good candidate for a brow lift. He’d examine your facial shape, skin condition, and hairline. He’d discuss the procedure with you and talk about what you could expect. He might also suggest some other procedures, either instead of a brow lift, or to go along with a brow lift, to better enhance your new look, e.g., eyelid surgery or a facelift.

The brow lift procedure

There are some choices as to where to place the incisions. Traditionally, a coronal incision was done, in a curve across your head behind the hairline. This meant that the resulting scar was well hidden.

Another choice is the hairline incision, where the mid-part of the incision is made more closely behind the hairline. This in effect lowers the hairline, since excess forehead skin is removed at the incision site, which brings the eyebrows and hairline closer together. However, the scar might be more visible.

The brow lift is usually done with general sedation, and will take one to two hours. Before your procedure, Dr. Serota will give you instructions on how to care for yourself afterwards, and this will cover such things as:

  • For a week to ten days, keep your head elevated to reduce swelling
  • Use cold compresses to help further reduce swelling
  • There may be some numbness and itching while the incisions heal up
  • Stitches will be taken out after a week or so
  • Any bandages will be removed after two or three days
  • Avoid strenuous activities for about two weeks or longer

Keep in mind that each of us has a unique face, so the way each of us responds to facial surgery can differ. But in general, the end result will be a tighter and smoother forehead and a more youthful position for the eyebrows, which gives your eyes a wider, more alert look.

A brow lift could make a significant difference for you. There is no need to look tired, angry or sad when this isn’t how you feel.

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