Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-brow-lift.jpgIt’s not your age that determines whether you are ready for a facelift—it’s how you look and how you feel about the visible signs of aging. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it may seem like these visible signs have suddenly appeared! Often it’s the comments from others, such as “you look tired,” that cause you to take a closer look at your face. That’s when you may notice a deepening of the lines that run from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth and loose skin or excess fatty tissue in your neck. Or perhaps it’s the middle third of your face that has changed, showing wrinkling and sagging that can contribute to a sad or tired look.

Increasingly, women and men are choosing facial rejuvenation surgery at an earlier age to help them keep looking as vital and energetic as they feel. For these individuals, having a facelift is one more way in which they can take control of their life and improve their appearance. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, looking your best can also give you a big psychological boost.



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The traditional facelift incision starts in the temple area, extends downward in a natural line in front of the ear, or just inside the cartilage at the front of the ear, and continues behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. This technique is still the most effective way to treat many patients who show significant facial aging.

In evaluating you for a facelift, the thickness, texture and elasticity of your skin and the severity of wrinkles and folds will be important considerations. Your hairline will be examined to determine where incisions can be discreetly placed. These factors, as well as your age, bone structure and underlying tissues, all go into developing an appropriate surgical plan. Dr. Serota’s ultimate goal is to help restore a more youthful contour to your face and neck.

Facelift surgery is particularly challenging, since patients differ widely in their underlying facial structure. Click here for more information on Facelift Considerations.

Other Options:

Additional procedures that may enhance the result are eyelid surgery and chemical peel.

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