Fat Transfer

Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-fat-transfer.jpgDo you feel that you have too much fat in some areas and not enough in others? Fat transfer is a way of correcting that imbalance. At the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center, you will be well cared for by our friendly team from the moment you arrive.

After liposuction became widely available in the 1980s, it became safer and easier to take fat from one body area and use it in another. It has now become an effective cosmetic surgery procedure. You can have a fat transfer to:

  • Fill facial areas such as forehead creases and sunken areas below the eyes
  • Enlarge the lips, making them fuller
  • Augment the buttocks
  • Plump and smooth the backs of the hands

A great advantage of using your own fatty tissue instead of a dermal filler or an implant is that the body recognizes the tissue and does not reject it. There is no allergic reaction.

Fat Transfer Overview

In talking with Dr. Serota you can decide where fat is best taken from. The fat removal and its injection elsewhere are usually done in the same procedure. Typically it is done under general anesthesia or under local with sedation, depending on the areas involved. Fat cells are removed using liposuction – a thin cannula (hollow tube) connected to a suction device.

Dr. Serota purifies the fatty tissue, removing unwanted cells such as blood cells and connective tissue.
He then injects the purified fat in the area to be augmented. This is done with an extremely fine needle, and at a variety of depths to create a smooth contour.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is not just a buttocks augmentation procedure. It is recontouring of the buttocks to give them a more lifted and youthful look. It is done to correct the sagging that comes with aging, but also for young people who want a more perky look for their body profile.

Dr. Serota will first use liposuction to recontour areas around the buttocks, such as the lower back, the stomach and the thighs. This has the effect of making the buttocks stand out more. It also provides him with a supply of fatty tissue to use in augmenting the buttocks. By using liposuction on more than one body area he can obtain enough fat so that after the loss of volume involved in purifying it, he will still have enough to give you the new profile you desire.

The injection process is done very carefully, in just the right locations, so that your new shape will be smooth and natural-looking.

Tiny blood vessels will extend to the injected tissue and nourish it, but this takes three or four days. In the meantime, some of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body. Therefore, Dr. Serota will inject about 30 percent more than will be finally needed, to offset the absorption.

The Fat Transfer Recovery Period

You will need a ride home after your fat transfer procedure. Dr. Serota will give you printed instructions for self-care, and you will have a series of follow-up visits. You will have some temporary swelling and bruising and discomfort can be reduced with oral painkillers.

After Dr. Serota removes the dressings you will be able to take showers. You might want to sleep on your stomach for a while. Complications are rare after fat transfers, but it is very important that you follow Dr. Serota’s recovery instructions for best results.

Butt Implants Not a Good Choice

Dr. Serota does not offer butt implants and in fact, no cosmetic surgeons in Colorado offer them. There are some good reasons for this avoidance.

  1. Long incisions
    The procedure requires incisions five to ten centimeters long. That is about two-and-a-half to five inches long. On the other hand, the fat transfer procedure uses small incisions, less than a quarter of an inch long.
  2. Long Recovery Period
    Recovery takes up to two months. Bruising and swelling can take five to eight weeks to subside. For the first day or two you feel nauseated. You would be wearing a support garment for a couple of days and when you first take it off, there is a feeling that you might faint. You would need someone with you at that time. There is pain for several weeks, for which you would have a prescription painkiller. Sitting down is uncomfortable for many weeks and it would be eight weeks before you could resume normal activity and exercise.
  3. Complications are Common
    The implants can shift out of position and give you an asymmetrical look. They can also rupture. You would not be aware of this for weeks or months. In some cases there is infection or excessive bleeding and some patients have second or third procedures to correct the complications.

Dr. Serota would rather not expose his cosmetic surgery patients to these risks and therefore he offers fat transfers rather than butt implants to improve your body shape.

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