Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy tuck procedures can produce amazing, toned abdominal results for individuals who work hard to live a healthy lifestyle but still have stubborn fat deposits in the stomach area. 

Dr. Serota has performed tummy tucks in Aurora, Colorado on thousands of men and women with great success. He and his team make sure that each patient is both physically and mentally prepared to handle this surgery before recommending one of the various types of tummy tuck procedures.

View some of Dr. Serota’s Colorado tummy tuck patients here.

Tummy Tuck Healing

Abdominoplasty requires that the patient allow proper healing time and follow the surgeon’s instructions to reduce the chance for complications. Patients should expect the following:

  • The incision will be covered with surgical dressing for one week
  • Swelling typically lasts 6 weeks
  • A small tube will be placed in the incision site to drain excess fluid or blood for 1 week
  • You must wear a supportive garment for 8 weeks
  • You should move with care to avoid strain on the incision, and avoid lifting or strenuous activity for 3 weeks

Most of Dr. Serota’s patients say that the short-term physical inconvenience of abdominoplasty is worth the long-term results of this procedure, especially when they continue a healthy lifestyle.

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