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Breast Surgery Aftercare - Part Two

Posted by administration on March 23, 2017

Breast_Surgery_Aftercare.jpgThe following are expected symptoms of your body and new breasts following breast surgery:

Bruising and Swelling: Moderate swelling and bruising are normal. Severe swelling and bruising may indicate bleeding or possible infection.

Pain and Discomfort: Mild to moderate discomfort or pain is normal after any surgery. If the pain becomes severe and is not relieved by pain medication, please contact us right away!

Shape and Size: Your new breast shape will not be clear right after surgery. As the swelling subsides and your breast skin starts to settle, a more natural, rounded breast shape will begin to develop. As the swelling goes down and healing progresses, your breasts may show a slight decrease in size.

Incisions: Crusting along the incision lines is to be expected as small amounts of bleeding and drainage are common. We usually treat this with antibiotic ointment. Incisions are usually completely healed in two to six weeks. Full strength to the incision areas will return by six months after surgery.

Numbness: Small sensory nerves to the skin surface are occasionally cut when the incision is made or are interrupted by undermining of the skin during surgery. The sensation in those areas gradually returns – usually within 2 or 3 months as the nerve endings heal spontaneously.

Itching: Itching and occasional small shooting electrical sensations within the skin frequently occur as the nerve endings heal. Skin moisturizers and gentle massages are frequently helpful.

If you’re interested in breast surgery in Denver, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Serota.

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Got the “Luck ‘o the Irish” When it Comes to Your Body?

Posted by administration on March 15, 2017

Cosmetic_Surgery.jpgIf you look up the origin of the saying, “Luck of the Irish,” you’ll find that most people use it to mean you are actually lucky. Ironically, Irish history states that the Irish often had bad luck. 

Regardless of how you might use that popular Irish saying, let’s take a moment to think about luck when it comes to your body. Let’s face it, some people are just born with great genes. Some people have flawless skin, toned tummies and long and lean limbs, while others:  

  • Have to fight to keep every extra green beer or corned beef and cabbage calorie from taking up camp on their bodies.
  • Exercise diligently and eat right but still have stubborn fat areas that won’t respond.
  • Have skin that simply ages quicker than others, with pronounced facial lines and wrinkles.

No, it’s not fair. But there is a way to combat what Mother Nature gave you: Cosmetic Surgery. There are dozens of surgical and non-surgical procedures that overall healthy people can undergo to make their own good luck when it comes to their appearance. Think tummy tucks, BOTOX®, liposuction, facelifts, dermal fillers, breast enlargement…the list goes on and on.

There is no need to be miserable with your appearance – especially when cosmetic surgery financing exists to help you afford to look and feel your very best.

So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center help you get the good “Luck of the Irish” in regard to your appearance. Go ahead and enjoy yourself on March 17, then call us to schedule your Cosmetic Consultation in Denver so we can discuss your unique situation. Call 303-367-9000 or visit

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Let March Madness Take You Back to College Days

Posted by administration on March 15, 2017

Cosmetic_Surgery.jpgMarch Madness begins March 14! Whether you plan to root for your college alma mater in the NCAA tournament or just love any kind of college basketball, you are bound to see exciting wins and devastating upsets. While you are watching the action, you may find yourself reminiscing about your footloose and fancy-free college days…the days before kids, work, mortgages and other life situations…the days before ‘life’ had a chance to make its mark on your youthful, smooth, radiant skin.

Life is good, and life experiences can make you wiser and more tolerant. Unfortunately, ‘life’ can also leave you looking older or more tired than you actually are due to aging, genetics, sun exposure, environmental factors and more. At Client, we help patients achieve facial rejuvenation in Location through a variety of surgical techniques, including:

Make a fast break to improve your appearance and feel as carefree as you did back in college. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center today at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation in Denver. 

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Travel After Breast Augmentation

Posted by administration on March 07, 2017

Breast_Augmentation.jpgMost patients want to know how soon they can resume activities after breast augmentation. If you’re planning a trip shortly after your surgery in Location, or if you’ve traveled for the surgery itself, it’s important to discuss your travel plans with Dr. Serota during your surgery consultation.

Travel after breast augmentation can be perfectly safe if you follow Dr. Serota’s advice. A general guideline for travel would be about a week after your surgery, following your first post-operative exam. Here are some general guidelines for travel after breast augmentation surgery:

Many of the normal activities usually associated with airplane travel can potentially create post-surgical complications. Rapid walking or running to catch a flight, or pulling or lifting heavy luggage, could cause post-operative bleeding, as could any action that increases the heart rate or elevates the blood pressure. Because you do a lot of sitting during a flight, your risk of developing a blood clot is increased, so move around, walk through the cabin if possible, during the flight. Air travelers tend to become dehydrated because of the dry air in the cabin, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

Be cautious of other travelers. Airports and train stations can be very busy and hectic. No one except you will know that you’ve just had surgery, and they won’t be paying any more attention to you than they normally would. Getting bumped in the chest by an accidental elbow or backpack could cause damage or discomfort.

Choose an appropriate destination. Consider how much effort you’ll have to put forth to reach your destination. If traveling soon after your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to make travel plans that will ensure you don’t over exert yourself. Avoid adventurous plans such as hiking, backpacking or scuba diving. Although a beach vacation sounds relaxing, be cautious of the amount of time spent in hot weather or laying in the sun right after surgery. Heat and sunshine may lead to unnecessary swelling and discomfort, and can extend your recovery period.

If you would like more information about travel after breast augmentation, please contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Posted by administration on March 07, 2017

Male_Breast_Reduction_Surgery.jpgThe enlargement of a man’s breasts is a condition known as gynecomastia. About 50% of men – and even some teenage boys – suffer from enlarged breasts. For teens who experience enlarged breasts, most of the time it is because of changing hormone levels, and in about 90% of these cases, the enlarged breasts will resolve on their own. However, for adult men this is not the case.

Thankfully, enlarged breasts may be corrected or improved through male breast reduction surgery. Because it's major surgery, patients should know the benefits, potential complications and what's involved in male breast reduction surgery recovery. 

Following male breast reduction surgery in Denver, patients can expect to feel some discomfort or tenderness in the chest area. Dr. Serota will prescribe pain medication to relieve any pain you may feel during the recovery period. Common side effects include bruising, swelling and temporary numbness caused by the disruption of nerve connections. Most of these side effects should subside within a week or two, although some degree of swelling or numbness may last for several months.

In most cases, Dr. Serota will recommend a compression garment be worn over the chest area for at least one to two weeks. Elastic compression garments reduce swelling and result in a shorter recovery period. This garment supports the tissues in their new position, helping the skin adjust to its new contours and reducing the possibility of skin looseness. Although they can be a bit uncomfortable until you get used to wearing them, compression garments are essential to the success of cosmetic surgery. They should be worn 24 hours a day for at least a week.

During the first few days of male breast reduction surgery recovery, you will need to rest and relax as much as possible. It’s important to rest your shoulders and not lift your arms up, especially over your head. You will have a follow up appointment within the first week following surgery to track your healing. Most patients are able to return to work after about one week after surgery.

If you would like more information about male breast reduction surgery, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or

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