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Abdominal Etching

Posted by administration on July 23, 2017

Abdominal_Etching.jpgDo you want washboard abs, but can’t quite achieve the look, no matter how much you exercise? A possible alternative you may want to consider is abdominal etching. Abdominal etching is a surgical procedure performed to improve the definition of the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal etching is a form of liposculpting that removes excess fat between the abdominal muscles, creating indentations that resemble those seen on a six-pack or washboard stomach. With abdominal etching, your stomach can appear tighter, firmer and more muscular.

Abdominal etching is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgery usually takes about an hour to complete. During the procedure at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Serota will create several one- to two-millimeter incisions in your belly button or within the natural creases of your abdomen. He will then insert a cannula (a tube-like instrument) to remove excess fat and sculpt grooves in the remaining fat.

Following your treatment, you can expect some pain, swelling and bruising, all of which can be managed with medications and proper care. You will be given a medical compression garment that you must wear for about three to six weeks to help minimize swelling.

You might be a suitable candidate for abdominal etching if you are:

  • In good overall health
  • No major medical issues
  • Physically fit and have an athletic muscle build
  • Already have well-toned abdominal muscles, with only a thin layer or small pockets of stubborn fat that covers the muscles

You may NOT be a candidate for abdominal etching if you are:

  • Overweight with a significant amount of weight to lose from the abdomen
  • If your body fat percentage is greater than 18%
  • Have unrealistic expectations

Those wishing to undergo abdominal etching should understand that after surgery, a healthy diet and exercise regimen is essential to maintaining results. The best way to assess your candidacy is to schedule a consultation. During a consultation in Denver, Dr. Serota will examine you to determine if abdominal etching or another abdominal plastic surgery is right for you. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule your appointment today. 

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Neck Lift

Posted by administration on July 23, 2017

Neck_Lift.jpgConcerned about what aging is doing to your neck? You’re not alone. For many people, the neck is the first area to show age. The loss of youthful contours in the face and neck can be due to a variety of factors, including heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress. Sagging neck skin can also be a result of significant weight loss. Whether you suffer from band lines, excess skin, or fat, a neck lift can bring your neck back into a youthful shape.

Neck lifts are commonly performed cosmetic treatments. A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck.

Neck lift surgery can treat:

  • Excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls
  • Excess fatty deposits under the chin
  • Loose neck skin
  • Muscle banding in the neck

A neck lift typically includes liposuction to remove excess fat under the chin and/or surgery to trim away excess skin. Neck lifts are primarily performed on an outpatient basis. During neck lift surgery in Denver, Dr. Serota makes incisions under your chin or behind your ears depending on the degree of laxity. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center offers many neck lift procedures for both men and women that result in a younger, more vibrant look – and overall outlook.

Rejuvenation procedures that can be performed in conjunction with a neck lift include:

Brow Lift: to correct a sagging or deeply furrowed brow

Fat Transfer: to add fullness to the lips and cheeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Eyelid Surgery: to rejuvenate aging eyes

An elegant neck contour is not only associated with a youthful appearance, but also with health and vitality. If you don’t like the look of your neck, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Serota.

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Fat Transfer

Posted by administration on July 16, 2017

Fat_Transfer.jpgFat transfers have a long history of cosmetic use. For more than 100 years, they have been used to fill in facial flaws such as hollowed cheeks, sunken eyes or indented scars. Today, new fat transfer techniques are used to augment many other areas of the body, including the buttocks, biceps, triceps, calf muscles and breasts.

Because a fat transfer involves your own fat cells, it looks and feels more natural than a synthetic implant or injection. This also means that it's biocompatible and may help eliminate the risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

The fat transfer procedure in Denver varies depending upon the technique used and the area to be treated. The procedure can be described in three steps:

  1. Antiseptic and a topical anesthetic are applied to two areas: the location where the fat will be removed (donor site) and the treated area where the fat will be injected. The donor site is typically an area with extra fat such as the abdomen or thighs.
  2. The fat cells are harvested from the donor site through one of several types of liposuction.
  3. The fat cells are processed and purified before they are injected into the treated area.

It takes three to four days for the first tiny blood vessels (capillaries) to reach and supply the newly-transplanted fat cells with a blood supply. During this time, up to 60% of the transferred fat cells will die. For this reason, the treated area is usually overfilled. More than one treatment may be required to achieve the best results. Each time the procedure is repeated, more fat accumulates in the treated area. This tends to offer longer-lasting results.

After the fat transfer procedure, you will need someone to drive you home and you may need someone to help with daily activities during your recovery. Dr. Serota will provide you with specific post-op instructions.

The treated area may be red for the first 48 hours following your fat transfer. There is typically some swelling for several weeks; however, any bruising should subside within a few days. Scabs may also form at the injection site. Oral pain medications can help treat any discomfort. You should notice significant improvement in your appearance after the procedure, although ultimate results may not be evident for several months or more.

If you’re interested in fat transfer in Denver and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Serota, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or

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Cosmetic Surgery Cost

Posted by administration on July 09, 2017

Cosmetic_Surgery_Cost.jpgMany people wrongly believe that cosmetic surgery is only for the rich and famous. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center, we strongly believe that everyone deserves to look and feel confident and attractive. The cost of cosmetic surgery can vary drastically depending on certain factors. We often have patients who call asking for a specific price for a procedure or service that we provide – and although we would like to provide this information, it’s very difficult to do.

There are so many variables that can influence cosmetic surgery cost. The most significant factor that influences the cost of plastic surgery is whether patients undergo a single procedure or multiple procedures as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Procedures that are commonly combined include:

Breast lift and breast augmentation with implants – to improve the profile of drooping breasts while simultaneously increasing their size.

Eyelid surgery with brow lift – to more thoroughly rejuvenate the upper facial region.

Tummy tuck with liposuction – to further refine the body's contours and achieve a trimmer, more proportional overall figure.

Some popular treatment plans – mommy makeover, post-bariatric body contouring and full body lift being among the most notable examples - can comprise 5 or more procedures, all customized to produce the most dramatically transformative results possible.

Other factors that can influence the cost of your plastic surgery procedure include:

  • Whether it is covered, at least in part, by your insurance policy (certain procedures, such as breast reduction or upper eyelid surgery, may be considered medically necessary under certain circumstances)
  • The technology used
  • Facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • The location of the practice
  • The experience, training and skill of your surgeon

No two patients are the same, and there is no way to truly determine the cost of your surgery until you have visited our office in Denver for a free consultation. During your consultation, your unique, individual needs and aesthetic desires will be taken into account and a price will be determined based on your specific qualifications. Because everybody is different, we cannot offer price quotes over the phone. We need to see you in person to properly evaluate your needs to be able to correctly assess the full cost of your procedure. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule your appointment today!

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Facial Implants

Posted by administration on July 09, 2017

Facial_Implants.jpgCosmetic surgery to change the shape of the chin, cheek or jaw may be done using facial implants. Facial implants are typically used to enhance certain facial features or to bring a certain aspect of the face into proportion with the rest of the face. It may also be done to address a defect present since birth or as a result of a traumatic injury.

Facial implants come in a range of shapes and sizes and may be manufactured from a number of materials. Incisions for facial implants can usually be carefully hidden in facial contours, ensuring a natural result. Typically performed as an outpatient surgery with general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, facial implants can be a highly effective option for many patients. Temporary side effects may include stiffness, numbness and swelling, and most patients are able to return to light activities in one to two weeks.

Possible complications of facial implants may include:

Infection: As with any operation, an infection can occur. If this happens, you will be given antibiotics to clear up the infection. If the infection does not resolve, then the implant may have to be temporarily removed and replaced at a later date.

Shifting: Facial implants may move slightly out of alignment. If this occurs, you may need a second operation to put the implant in its proper place.

Are you interested in enhancing the appearance of your face? Facial implants could be the solution. Facial implants for the cheek, chin and jaw are very effective at facial rejuvenation and creating a more sculpted look to your face. By scheduling a consultation in Denver, Dr. Serota can customize implants according to your facial structure to achieve the most natural result. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center today at 303-367-9000 or to schedule an appointment. 

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