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Breast Augmentation Pros and Cons

Posted by administration on June 19, 2017

Breast_Augmentation.jpgBreast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Millions of women have received implants and enjoyed the benefits they offer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the procedure is right for everybody. If you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s a good idea to consider the pros and cons first.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

A breast augmentation can be a great way to create a curvier look that accentuates your figure, and the benefits aren’t just limited to appearance:

  • Breast implants add volume that helps fill out clothing better and create more cleavage
  • Enhancement of your natural curves can create a shape that is flattering and proportionate to the rest of your body, particularly for pear-shaped women who’d prefer to become an hourglass shape instead
  • Boost your self-confidence by feeling more self-assured both in and out of clothing

Breast Implant Drawbacks

Despite the many advantages to your figure that breast implants can provide, there are drawbacks that should be considered as well:

  • Improperly sized implants or poorly performed breast augmentation can give your breasts a “fake” appearance
  • The texture and feeling of your breasts may change, especially if using saline implants
  • As with any cosmetic surgery, there’s a risk that you may not feel as happy with the outcome as you’d hoped
  • Breast augmentation, like any surgery, will leave some scars

Finally, you should consider how implants will change your life for the better or worse. Of course, you can always change your mind in the future and have your implants removed or revised, so your choice is not permanent. Just do not rush the process, take your time to make an educated decision.

In the right hands, breast augmentation should be custom-tailored to your needs, with results that feel natural and meet your personal appearance goals. In Location, Dr. Serota can help you weigh the pros and cons of breast augmentation. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a breast augmentation consultation today. 

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Body Contouring for Men

Posted by administration on June 19, 2017

Body_Contouring.jpgStatistics show that women typically have more cosmetic procedures than men. However, many men turn to cosmetic surgery to help them improve their appearance. Body contouring can help both men and women lose the last bit of fat that they can't quite work off at the gym.

Body contouring refers to a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments that help remove pockets of excess fat to create a more aesthetically-pleasing body shape. This can mean removing excess abdominal fat, reducing a double chin, and shrinking love handles, among other procedures.

Many patients seek body contouring procedures to complete the weight loss process and achieve a smooth, toned appearance that they will be proud to show off. Body contouring procedures often target stubborn fat problem areas such as the:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Face

It’s important to note that body contouring isn’t just about fat removal, but about creating better-accentuated transitions between various parts of the body. For example, for male patients, reducing abdominal and flank fat can create greater contrast between the abdomen and the shoulders, thus achieving a more athletic, masculine look.

To achieve these results, Dr. Serota in Denver can perform a variety of body contouring treatments, including:

Liposuction, which is the physical removal of fat from the area through a cannula.

Liposonix, a non-invasive treatment that destroys fat cells with ultrasound waves.

CoolSculpting, a popular treatment that freezes fat cells.

SmartLipo, a liposuction procedure that offers skin tightening benefits as well as fat removal.

Multiple procedures may be needed in order to achieve desired results and to reduce the trauma of treating several different body areas at once. Dr. Serota will develop a personalized treatment plan for you based on your individual needs and goals for surgery.

Body contouring procedures are generally considered safe, especially when performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Serota. It is important for patients to be in good overall health, at a stable weight, and to maintain realistic expectations for surgery.

To find out if body contouring is a good option for you, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a consultation today. 

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Does Insurance Cover Breast Revision Surgery?

Posted by administration on June 12, 2017

Breast_Revision_Surgery.jpgBreast revision surgery is a procedure or combination of procedures performed to improve or correct an unsatisfactory outcome of a previous breast surgery. This may be due to age-related changes in the body affecting surgical results, having your body respond in an unexpected way during the healing process or simply wanting a fresh look.

Breast revision surgery can resolve a number of issues related to a former surgery, including problems with implant placement or uneven breasts (asymmetry), improving the appearance of scars, removing excess scar tissue around the implants (capsular contracture), and addressing implant replacement, removal or adjustment. The goal of breast revision surgery is to give you beautiful, natural looking results, regardless of your reasons for needing revision surgery in the first place.

A concern among patients who are interested in breast revision surgery is if insurance will cover the procedure. Health insurance companies will often cover breast revision surgery, particularly if it is associated with:

  • Firm breast implants or capsular contracture
  • Uneven breasts
  • Ruptured breast implants
  • Breast deformities after surgery
  • Poor scars
  • Recurrent breast enlargement after breast reduction
  • Wound healing issues

If you have had a previous breast procedure and are unhappy with the results, you may be a candidate for breast revision. The ideal candidates should be in good health both physically and mentally, and maintain realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure. Every woman’s needs are different and there is not a single approach toward breast revision surgery. In Denver, Dr. Serota is focused on delivering the best results to each patient based on their personal appearance goals and concerns.

We encourage you to contact our office for verification of your insurance coverage of your revision procedure. We also offer several financing options for patients whose procedure is not covered by insurance. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to learn more about breast revision surgery or to schedule a surgery consultation with Dr. Serota. 

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Breast Surgery and Smoking

Posted by administration on June 12, 2017

Breast_Surgery.jpgSmoking tobacco raises your risk of cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach, and each cigarette you smoke increases the likelihood that you will develop heart disease, bronchitis or emphysema, or experience a stroke.

But that's not all. Smoking can also compromise the results of your breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Smoking constricts the blood vessels and inhibits the binding of oxygen, lowering the amount of oxygen that is available to your cells. Insufficient oxygen impedes your body's ability to heal after surgery and increases your risk for wound separation, skin death and raised, red scars. As a smoker, you will also have a higher risk of anesthesia complications and post-surgery infections than non-smokers. In fact, most surgeons won't perform breast surgery on patients who smoke.

In general, smokers who undergo surgery have longer hospital stays and a higher likelihood of being admitted to an intensive care unit. Smokers are also at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, pneumonia and/or death after surgery.

If you are planning any surgery, including breast surgery, quitting smoking before surgery is highly advisable. While quitting for good would be ideal, stopping for even two weeks before and after surgery can dramatically reduce your risks and encourage a smoother breast surgery recovery.

Tools to Help You Kick the Habit

While some people are able to quit cold turkey, others need help. There are several aides available today.

Nicotine replacement products can help relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal by allowing you to receive gradually decreasing amounts of nicotine without all the other chemicals in tobacco. These products include over-the-counter patches, gums and lozenges as well as prescription nasal sprays and inhalers. In addition to nicotine replacement products, prescription drugs are also available to help smokers quit.

Other tools to help you quit include hypnotherapy and acupuncture as well as community and online support groups.

If you are a smoker and are interested in breast surgery in Denver, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to discuss all your options.

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Breast Lift Without Implants

Posted by administration on June 05, 2017

Breast_Lift.jpgThere are many reasons why breasts may droop. For example, the normal aging process, gain or loss of body weight, the physical effects associated with motherhood, genetic factors or just the action of gravity. Over the years and especially after pregnancy and lactation, these factors can cause the breasts to sag, losing their youthful shape and firmness.

If your breasts are sagging but still have sufficient volume, a breast lift without implants can address this, resulting in breasts that have a more perky appearance. The operation involves raising the breast by tightening and removing excess skin in order to produce an uplifted breast.

There are different techniques available to perform a breast lift without implants, they are used depending on breast size, and age and health of the patient, among other factors. Surgical incisions vary depending on the case. The procedure generally consists of relocating and anchoring the breast tissue, relocating the areola and nipple to the appropriate height and removing surplus tissue at the bottom of the breast. In some cases, the size of the areola is reduced to be more proportionate to the new breast shape.

Breast lift surgery does produce scars. The amount of scarring that occurs will depend on the technique used and how much the breast needs to be lifted to achieve the ideal look. The greater the drop of the breast, the greater the scars will need to be to shape the chest and remove the remaining skin.

A breast lift without implants will not significantly change the size of your breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider breast lift and breast augmentation surgery. If you desire smaller breasts, consider combining breast lift and breast reduction surgery.

If your breasts have lost their youthful shape and fullness and you would like a rejuvenated look through a breast lift procedure, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or

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