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Liposuction for the Face?

Posted by administration on March 05, 2014

Did you know that you can have facial liposuction in Aurora, Colorado? If you are unhappy with fatty tissue deposits on your face or neck, facial liposuction may be a good alternative to a facelift.

Facial fat and skin elasticity is what keeps people looking young.  However, as we grow older, that fat starts to lose volume and it starts to shift, sag and clump on the face. The result of these excess fat deposits can make you look older, overweight, tired and unhealthy. Facial liposuction can help re-sculpt:

  • Fat under the chin (double chin)
  • Saggy jaw line
  • Neck fat
  • Cheek fat deposits

Aurora, Colorado cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Serota uses facial liposuction to help patients restore a more youthful, alert appearance. Of course, this procedure isn’t for everyone; if you are not a healthy weight or are a smoker, you might not be a good candidate for liposuction anywhere on the face or body. Your skin must also be healthy enough to support the procedure.

Find out more about Aurora, Colorado liposuction by calling 303-367-9000 or going online to to schedule your Cosmetic Consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Aurora, Colorado

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The Princess and the BOTOX

Posted by administration on February 26, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived the most beautiful young Princess in the Kingdom of Neville. Princess Ivy was her name. Her most distinguishing feature was her porcelain skin; it was smooth, full and radiant. The villagers loved to see her riding in horse-drawn carriages throughout the Kingdom and reveled when she stepped out of the castle before attending the frequent balls.

For years, the Princess maintained her youthful appearance. But one day the evil Queen Matilda, who was not as young as Princess Ivy, devised a spell that would cause the Princess to begin to lose her facial radiance. The Princess watched in horror as her once-beautiful skin began to form lines, creases and wrinkles and started to lose its elasticity.

When the King heard of this, he called for a magic potion to be created; a potion that would reverse the evil Queen Matilda’s spell and restore the youthfulness to his beautiful daughter. That potion was called BOTOX, and it was delivered to the Kingdom immediately by a royal cosmetic surgeon in Aurora, Colorado.

Princess Ivy had BOTOX injections and now calls her cosmetic surgeon her Knight in Shining Armor. Her self-confidence was restored and her mirror now calls her Fairest of them All.

She found true love with BOTOX. And so she lived happily ever after.

(The evil Queen Matilda was banished from the Kingdom and banished from using BOTOX.)

The End

We’ve spun this little yarn in honor of “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” on February 26. Even though it’s fictional, you might find a little bit of yourself in Princess Ivy. If your skin isn’t looking as youthful as you would like, your Knight in Shining Armor might just be waiting for you at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center. We provide BOTOX, dermal fillers and other facial rejuvenation techniques in Aurora worthy of a King…or Queen. Call 303-367-9000 or visit to schedule your free Cosmetic Consultation or to take a free online Cosmetic Self-Evaluation

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Enhance Your Facial Structure with Cheek Implants

Posted by administration on February 19, 2014

Many people are surprised to learn that they can enhance their facial structure with implants.

Cheek implants can restore lost facial volume or provide a more distinct contour that one has never had before. The result is a fuller cheek region or higher and more prominent cheekbones creating a renewed youthful appearance.

Also called cheek augmentation, cheek implant surgery involves making an incision inside the mouth or the lower eyelid through which the implant can be inserted. Cheek implants are made of silicone rubber and they may be connected to the underlying facial bone to ensure proper long-term placement.

Types of Cheek Implants

  • Malar: placed on the cheekbones
  • Submalar: placed mid-face

Patients can also opt to have both malar and submalar cheek implants for significant facial re-contouring.

This outpatient surgery typically takes under an hour and results are immediate. Patients should expect swelling after surgery that can last several months and some mild bruising. It is generally recommended that patients wait approximately one week to return to normal activities.

Selecting the right location and size of cheek implants is truly an art form. If you are considering cheek implants, make sure you choose a surgeon who has a track record of success with this procedure.

To determine if you might benefit from cheek implants and to learn more about the cheek implant process, schedule a Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Serota at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Aurora, Colorado today. Visit or 303-367-9000. 

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Tackle 2014 with Improved Self-Esteem

Posted by administration on February 12, 2014

Most people associate the month of February with Valentine’s Day, love, romance, roses and chocolate. But did you know that February is also International Boost Self-Esteem Month? This is a great time to take a moment to think about how you feel about yourself. If you feel negative thoughts creeping in, stop those toxic thoughts and focus on something that is positive in your life. Or you can also take action to improve your current situation.

Sometimes a negative self-image can stem from a physical trait that causes you either physical or mental discomfort. These feelings can stem from such things as:

  • A disproportionate nose
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Breast size or shape
  • Excess fat deposits or excess skin

A specially-trained cosmetic surgeon might be able to rev-up your self-image through surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as:

Aurora, Colorado cosmetic surgeon Dr. Serota has helped hundreds of patients determine the right cosmetic surgery option for their own unique situation. And while these procedures can boost your self-confidence, patients must remember that simply having cosmetic surgery will not change your life completely. 

Cosmetic Surgery Financing

If this type of self-esteem boost sounds too expensive, research your Denver area cosmetic surgery financing options. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center we help make cosmetic surgery affordable in Aurora for a variety of budgets.

Don’t let physical traits bring down your self-image. Take the first step in the cosmetic surgery process by completing our short online Cosmetic Self-Evaluation. It’s free and there is no obligation to have a procedure. If you are ready to start the process, contact us at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center today to schedule your free Cosmetic Consultation. Call 303-367-9000 or visit to schedule an appointment online. 

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Even Soldiers Turn to Liposuction

Posted by administration on February 05, 2014

We recently read a news article that explained how some Army soldiers are resorting to liposuction to adhere to the strict physical standards set by the military. Specifically, they are using lipo to meet the “tape test,” a test that determines a person’s body fat percentage by measuring the ratio of the circumferences of the neck and waist. If the troops don’t meet the standards, they could be removed from duty.*

Most people wouldn’t consider soldiers to be out of shape. This trend just goes to show that even healthy, fit individuals can be plagued with a “spare tire” that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Aurora, Colorado plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Serota performs liposuction on healthy individuals regularly to help them match their outward appearance to the amount of hard effort they put into being healthy. Liposuction removes localized fat deposits in specific areas to re-sculpt areas on the body or face. 

Having liposuction in Aurora, Colorado should not be viewed as a “cop out.” If you are living a healthy lifestyle but aren’t seeing the physical results you want, liposuction may provide the extra boost you need to achieve your goals.

If you would like to learn more about Colorado liposuction, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Aurora, Colorado today to arrange a Cosmetic Consultation. Call 303-367-9000 or visit

*It should be noted that some doctors say that the Army’s tape test should be revamped to take into effect highly muscular physiques, but for now Army personnel must adhere to the set rules. 

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