Breast Lift Drains

Posted by administration on June 27, 2016

Breast_Lift_Drains.jpgDrain tubes after breast lifts are commonly used by plastic surgeons.  Patients sometimes ask about the drains, wondering whether the drains are necessary, if they are painful while wearing, or if it will hurt while being removed. 

Depending on the extent of an augmentation, the type of lift, etc. may determine whether or not drains are used.  Drains are used to help prevent the accumulation of fluid within the breast, which otherwise could cause a seroma or hematoma.  Fluid that is not drained could become infected.

Although the drains may be uncomfortable to some, most patients tolerate the drains well.  They are typically removed within a couple of days after surgery.  It is not usually painful to remove the drains.

During your pre-op consultation with your surgeon at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver, be sure to ask about drains, especially if you are anxious about them.  Your surgeon will review the procedure and discuss the care and wearing of drains.  After your surgery, if you have a problem or questions about your drains, please contact us per your post-op instructions.


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