Breast Lift Liposuction Options

Posted by administration on January 25, 2016

breast_lift_liposuction_options.jpgWomen considering a breast lift may also want to consider liposuction as well.  Liposuction removes excess fat and reduces breast size.  If skin has adequate elasticity, the liposuction will cause the skin to retract, tighten and produces a visible breast lift. 

Liposuction has several advantages over a traditional breast lift.  These advantages include:

  • Reduced or minimal scarring
  • Less trauma to the breast
  • Possibly fewer complications from surgery
  • Faster recovery time and healing

Women who have breasts that have a large proportion of fat (rather than glandular tissue) are the ideal candidates for liposuction.  A mammogram can help determine the proportion of fat that is contained in each breast.

A breast lift by liposuction is an ideal procedure for heavy-breasted women who want to reduce their breast size and improve their figure without the scarring and recovery of a traditional lift. For more information about breast lift liposuction, please contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver for more information.


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