Breast Lift Scars Keep Some Away

Posted by administration on September 22, 2015

Breast_Lift_Scars.jpgA breast lift is a popular procedure among women who’ve lost weight, had children or are not pleased with the appearance of their breasts, often from aging.  However, one of the biggest reasons people hesitate to have this procedure is fear of scarring.  Breast lift scars are unavoidable; the amount of scarring, however, is manageable.

Surgeons routinely provide care instructions for breast lift patients. Immediately following surgery, patients wear a surgical bra, usually for the first few days.  After a week or two, sutures are removed. Patients are asked to sleep on their backs and avoid sweating and strenuous activity (exercise) at first.  Ignoring these instructions can lead to bruising and bleeding, increasing the chances of scarring.

In all breast lifts, there is some scarring around the circumference of the areola. A breast lift can also include a vertical line from the bottom of the areola to the base of the breast, from the so-called “lollipop” procedure.

Another area of scarring is a horizontal, curved scar along the line where the bottom of the breast meets the rest of the chest. This scar results from the “anchor” procedure, the most dramatic and invasive form of a breast lift, but also one of the most common and the one that results in the most lift.

With all surgery comes scarring.  However, with the proper use of garments, bandages, ointments and by following the surgeon’s instructions, patients can be happy with the outcome of their surgery.

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