Breast Surgery Aftercare Instructions

Posted by administration on February 2, 2016

Breast-Surgery-Aftercare.jpgBreast surgery patients are always sent home with aftercare instructions at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver.  Following surgery, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your doctor to ensure good results.

Breast reduction surgery involves either a general surgical procedure or liposuction to achieve a reduction and lift.  During the procedure, skin and sometimes fatty tissue is removed from the breast to achieve a smaller breast.  Women often undergo the procedure because of back pain caused by large breasts or to achieve a more youthful form.

Following surgery and once you arrive at home, you will be provided with medication, which may include antibiotics and/or pain medication.  Be sure to take your medication exactly as instructed.  If you are sent home with drains, be sure to pay close attention to their care.  You will need to be aware of the drains when cleansing or bathing.  Your surgeon will provide more detail about your drains.

Breast enlargement or augmentation aftercare will depend on the extent of your implant surgery and other factors.  Your surgeon’s office will provide information on how to take care of your implants.  Regardless of what type of breast surgery you undergo, it is important to watch for swelling, severe pain or infection.

If you need more information after breast surgery aftercare, please contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver.


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