Breast Surgery Aftercare - Part Two

Posted by administration on March 23, 2017

Breast_Surgery_Aftercare.jpgThe following are expected symptoms of your body and new breasts following breast surgery:

Bruising and Swelling: Moderate swelling and bruising are normal. Severe swelling and bruising may indicate bleeding or possible infection.

Pain and Discomfort: Mild to moderate discomfort or pain is normal after any surgery. If the pain becomes severe and is not relieved by pain medication, please contact us right away!

Shape and Size: Your new breast shape will not be clear right after surgery. As the swelling subsides and your breast skin starts to settle, a more natural, rounded breast shape will begin to develop. As the swelling goes down and healing progresses, your breasts may show a slight decrease in size.

Incisions: Crusting along the incision lines is to be expected as small amounts of bleeding and drainage are common. We usually treat this with antibiotic ointment. Incisions are usually completely healed in two to six weeks. Full strength to the incision areas will return by six months after surgery.

Numbness: Small sensory nerves to the skin surface are occasionally cut when the incision is made or are interrupted by undermining of the skin during surgery. The sensation in those areas gradually returns – usually within 2 or 3 months as the nerve endings heal spontaneously.

Itching: Itching and occasional small shooting electrical sensations within the skin frequently occur as the nerve endings heal. Skin moisturizers and gentle massages are frequently helpful.

If you’re interested in breast surgery in Denver, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Serota.


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