Brow Lift Recovery Time

Posted by administration on September 5, 2015

Brow_Lift_Recovery.jpgThere are a variety of methods used to perform brow lifts.  The older method, which is an open forehead lift, allows the most access, which means that the surgeon can create the most dramatic changes. This requires an incision placed behind the hairline from one ear to the other. The downside is that it can cause greater scarring.

The endoscopic method, popular among patients, is done through multiple small incisions.  The endoscopic method normally offers reduced brow lift recovery time and minimal scarring.  Other brow lift methods are also available and can be discussed at your consultation.

Brow lift recovery time, depends to some extent on the brow lift method performed.  Bruising is a common side effect.  Pain and discomfort is usually managed with pain medication.  The patient must keep his or her head elevated for several days after surgery.  Most patients are able to return to work about a week after the procedure.  Those who have had the endoscopic procedure performed may need less time to recover.  Patients who keep hydrated and follow the surgeon’s instruction are able to resume normal activities within a couple of weeks.

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