Cosmetic Surgery Risks – Part Two

Posted by administration on July 2, 2017

Cosmetic_Surgery.jpgOrgan Damage: Liposuction can be traumatic for internal organs. Visceral perforations or punctures can occur when the surgical probe meets internal organs. Repairing these injuries can require additional surgery. The perforations may also be fatal.

Anesthesia Complications: Most patients tolerate anesthesia without difficulty; however, anesthesia-related complications are the leading cause of cosmetic surgery deaths. The risk is very slight, but it does exist, which is why even elective procedures need to be taken seriously. Anesthesia is the practice that allows patients to undergo surgery without feeling the procedure. General anesthesia, where medication is used to make you unconscious, can sometimes lead to complications. These include lung infections, stroke, heart attacks and death. More common anesthesia risks include waking up confused & disoriented and shivering. A less common complication is anesthesia awareness, or waking up in the middle of surgery.

Seroma: Seroma is a condition that occurs when serum from your blood pools beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in swelling and pain. It looks like a large blister. This can occur after any surgery, and is the most common complication of a tummy tuck. Because seromas can become infected, they are often drained with a needle, effectively removing them, although there is a chance of recurrence.

Blood Loss: As with any surgery, some blood loss is expected. However, uncontrolled blood loss can lead to a drop in blood pressure with potentially fatal outcomes. Blood loss can happen while on the operating table, but also internally, after surgery.

As with most surgeries, cosmetic surgery risks are more common in certain people. You can reduce your risk of suffering these unwanted effects by educating yourself about the procedure and possible risks, and discussing your concerns with your doctor.

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