Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

Posted by administration on January 19, 2016

cosmetic_surgery_vs_plastic_surgery.jpgThinking of having cosmetic surgery?  How about plastic surgery?  Aren’t they both the same thing?

According to one study, people tend to think of cosmetic surgery as “temporary methods” that are less difficult and less invasive than plastic surgery.   In the study, cosmetic surgery was believed to be less risky and involve less pain.

That’s not necessarily true.  All surgery involves risk. 

Cosmetic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing parts of the face or body that weren't previously deformed or disfigured due to illness, disease, accidents or growth abnormalities. Cosmetic surgery alters and improves our appearance primarily for purposes of anti-aging.

On the other hand, plastic surgery procedures can encompass extensive maxillofacial surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery and reconstructive work.

Which specialty should you choose?  There is currently no board certification for cosmetic surgery, so look for someone board certified in plastic surgery.  Our experts can guide you on the best treatments or surgery to achieve your desired results.  Schedule a consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver to discuss your desires and needs.


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