Eat Your Greens, Reds, Yellows for Great Health Inside and Out

Posted by administration on September 23, 2014


September is National Fruit & Veggies-More Matters® month. It’s important to consume the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, to:

  • Prevent obesity
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Keep your blood pressure at a healthy level
  • Lower your risk for heart disease, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes

Incorporate a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables in every meal to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. In fact, the Fruits & Veggies – More Matters website suggests you fill half your plate with fruits and veggies because they:

  • Are typically lower in calories than other foods of the same volume
  • Are high in fiber and water, making you feel full and eat less
  • Are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals for energy
  • Can replace bad snack choices like cakes and ice cream

Not only do fruits and veggies provide health benefits…they taste great!

It is especially important for people who have undergone plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures to pay close attention to the types of foods they are eating and their balance of physical activity. For example, even if you have a successful tummy tuck procedure in Aurora but fail to follow a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, those amazing physical benefits of the tummy tuck may disappear.

Sometimes even the most nutritionally-aware and active people still have trouble spots that are resistant to their healthy lifestyle habits. Procedures like liposuction in Aurora or other treatments can help supplement those efforts and create a body contour that is desired.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center provides a full range of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment options in Aurora to help healthy patients get the little extra boost they need to look their very best. If you are considering plastic surgery, call 303-367-9000 or visit to schedule a Cosmetic Consultation. Or take the free online Cosmetic Self-Evaluation to determine which type of procedure might produce the results you want. 

This September, make a conscious effort to explore the produce section of your grocery store…or check out your local farmer’s market. Experiment with different types of produce you’ve never tried before and look for fun recipes online. Your body, your internal organs, your skin and your energy level will thank you!


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