Even Soldiers Turn to Liposuction

Posted by administration on February 5, 2014

We recently read a news article that explained how some Army soldiers are resorting to liposuction to adhere to the strict physical standards set by the military. Specifically, they are using lipo to meet the “tape test,” a test that determines a person’s body fat percentage by measuring the ratio of the circumferences of the neck and waist. If the troops don’t meet the standards, they could be removed from duty.*

Most people wouldn’t consider soldiers to be out of shape. This trend just goes to show that even healthy, fit individuals can be plagued with a “spare tire” that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Aurora, Colorado plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Serota performs liposuction on healthy individuals regularly to help them match their outward appearance to the amount of hard effort they put into being healthy. Liposuction removes localized fat deposits in specific areas to re-sculpt areas on the body or face. 

Having liposuction in Aurora, Colorado should not be viewed as a “cop out.” If you are living a healthy lifestyle but aren’t seeing the physical results you want, liposuction may provide the extra boost you need to achieve your goals.

If you would like to learn more about Colorado liposuction, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Aurora, Colorado today to arrange a Cosmetic Consultation. Call 303-367-9000 or visit www.serotamd.com.

*It should be noted that some doctors say that the Army’s tape test should be revamped to take into effect highly muscular physiques, but for now Army personnel must adhere to the set rules. 


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