Facial Implants

Posted by administration on July 9, 2017

Facial_Implants.jpgCosmetic surgery to change the shape of the chin, cheek or jaw may be done using facial implants. Facial implants are typically used to enhance certain facial features or to bring a certain aspect of the face into proportion with the rest of the face. It may also be done to address a defect present since birth or as a result of a traumatic injury.

Facial implants come in a range of shapes and sizes and may be manufactured from a number of materials. Incisions for facial implants can usually be carefully hidden in facial contours, ensuring a natural result. Typically performed as an outpatient surgery with general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, facial implants can be a highly effective option for many patients. Temporary side effects may include stiffness, numbness and swelling, and most patients are able to return to light activities in one to two weeks.

Possible complications of facial implants may include:

Infection: As with any operation, an infection can occur. If this happens, you will be given antibiotics to clear up the infection. If the infection does not resolve, then the implant may have to be temporarily removed and replaced at a later date.

Shifting: Facial implants may move slightly out of alignment. If this occurs, you may need a second operation to put the implant in its proper place.

Are you interested in enhancing the appearance of your face? Facial implants could be the solution. Facial implants for the cheek, chin and jaw are very effective at facial rejuvenation and creating a more sculpted look to your face. By scheduling a consultation in Denver, Dr. Serota can customize implants according to your facial structure to achieve the most natural result. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center today at 303-367-9000 or serotamd.com to schedule an appointment. 


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