How Body Contouring Benefits Bariatric Surgery Patients

Posted by administration on October 21, 2014

body contouring

A recent study has shown that bariatric surgery patients who undergo additional plastic surgery procedures to contour their bodies are able to maintain “significantly greater” weight loss than bariatric patients who do not have additional cosmetic surgeries.

Bariatric surgery is performed on obese patients to limit the amount of food the stomach can hold, thereby restricting calories. There are different types of procedures, including removing part of the stomach or restricting the size of the stomach with a gastric band. Unfortunately, some bariatric patients regain weight after this surgery.

The study by Henry Ford Hospital researchers followed 94 bariatric surgery patients. 50% of the group had body contouring procedures; the other half did not. The Body Mass Index (BMI) was measured before and after the surgery for both groups. BMI measures the weight-to-height radio to determine obesity.

Body Mass Index Changes 2.5 Years After Surgery

  • 18.24 decrease in BMI for patients who had additional body contouring procedures
  • 12.45 decrease in BMI for patients who did not

This study shows that by having additional procedures to remove excess skin (tummy tuck), lift sagging breasts (breast lift) and other types of body contouring may help bariatric surgery patients maintain weight loss in Denver.

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