How to Care for Stitches after Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by administration on June 11, 2015

Recovery from Plastic SurgeryAfter undergoing plastic surgery, you will most likely return home with sutures or stitches.  To aid in your recovery,the staff at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado will provide you with instructions on how to care for your stitches.  Following the instructions of your surgeon is vital to ensure good healing.  These instructions include:

  • Avoid moisture or water for the first 24 hours.  After that time, you can wash the area up to twice a day.  Be very gentle and use a mild soap and water.
  • If your surgeon provides or prescribes an antibiotic ointment, apply this to the site after washing.
  • Be sure to have your stitches removed on the exact day that your surgeon requests.  This is important to reduce scarring.

Watch for any warning signs that would require immediate attention. Warning signs include temperature over 100 degrees (a sign of fever), redness extending beyond the surgical area, pus or discharge or unusual swelling or tenderness.

Dissolvable stitches are sometimes used and these stitches also require attentive care.  If you have any questions regarding the care of your stitches, please contact our office at 303-367-9000.



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