Invisible Fat & Liposuction

Posted by administration on February 13, 2015

Did you know that you can be relatively thin and still have harmful fat in your body? There are two types of fat in the human body:

  • Visible fat - subcutaneous fat, that is beneath the skin
  • Invisible fat - visceral fat, that is closer to internal organs in the midsection

Subcutaneous fat can be removed by procedures like liposuction in Denver. And while this procedure can make you appear fit and trim, liposuction cannot remove visceral fat that can affect your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, making you more susceptible to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and more. Visceral fat is considered to be more dangerous than subcutaneous fat even though it’s less visible.

Do You Have Invisible Fat?

The best way to determine if you have visceral fat is by having an MRI or CT scan, but these can be expensive tests to have. An easier way is to measure the size of your waist. If you have an apple-shaped body, you may have more visceral fat; if your body is more pear-shaped, meaning you have a larger lower body, you may have less visceral fat.

The bottom line: Just because you have a successful Aurora liposuction procedure, you must continue to exercise (cardio and weight training) and eat healthy so you lower your risk of visceral fat accumulation. And, even if you are naturally thin, it’s still important to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

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