It’s Your Last Chance to Think about Yourself before the Holidays!

Posted by administration on October 23, 2013

The holiday season is right around the corner. That means an endless stream of holiday parties, gift-buying, present-wrapping, cooking, baking, decorating…and on…and on…and on…

Before the holiday craziness hits, take a moment to do something good for yourself...something that will help you walk into your office party or pose for your holiday photos with a little more self-assurance.

We’re talking about cosmetic surgery.

There are a plethora of procedures that can help you minimize the effects of aging, pregnancy, extreme weight loss or weight gain. While invasive plastic surgery procedures do require different levels of recovery time (like breast augmentation, tummy tucks and facelifts), some of the non-surgical options have minimal downtime and can have you looking and feeling like your younger self in record time.

If you would like to explore options to give your face a boost before the holidays, consider these options:

  • BOTOX® to relax wrinkles caused by muscle contractions
  • Dermal fillers to restore lost facial volume and fill in lines and folds
  • Laser skin resurfacing to remove the outer damaged layer of skin and restore a healthy-looking glow
  • Professional-grade skin care products to replenish the skin

If you’ve been struggling with an aspect of your appearance, treat yourself to a free Cosmetic Consultation at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver. But don’t wait too long; you will want to make sure you allow enough recovery time, if necessary, so you will be in tip-top shape before any special event you have planned.

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