Know What to Expect with Breast Lift

Posted by administration on August 12, 2014

An Aurora breast lift procedure is performed to raise or “perk up” breasts that have begun to sag due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging. While most women understand that a breast lift will not actually increase breast size, a recent study has shown that women may actually wear a smaller bra cup size after a breast lift procedure in Denver.

Study Participants

The study was published in the July issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® medical journal and followed:

  • 20 breast lift female patients
  • Average age of 47
  • Average of low-to-normal body weight
  • Minimum of C cup bra size before breast lift

The patients experienced an average decrease of one cup size in bras from the same manufacturer five years after their breast lift surgeries. Even though the breasts were only lifted, not actually reduced, the authors of the study believe that a smaller cup size bra may feel more comfortable on breasts that are no longer sagging. Many women who have breast sagging tend to choose bras that are too large or loose-fitting because they feel more comfortable and because sagging breasts may fill out a larger cup size.

If you are considering having a breast lift, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule a Cosmetic Consultation. Dr. Serota can help predict your cup size after a breast lift. He can also explain what technologies are used during the procedure as well as what you can expect with breast lift recovery. Call 303-367-9000 or visit to schedule your visit today. 


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