Posted by administration on September 9, 2015

Liposuction.jpgThe technology for liposuction has been around since 1974. For cosmetic purposes, liposuction has been used since 1978. The procedure is officially called liposculpture suction lipsctomy and is performed to remove excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck.

During liposuction, or lipo, a cannula is used to suction out unwanted fat. A cannula is a hollow tube that is inserted into subcutaneous fat through a small incision in the skin. These incisions are known as adits, and can be as small as 1mm when a microcannula is used. Because this hole is so small, it will heal without a scar. If a larger cannula is needed, an adit of 3mm to 6mm is needed. These adits usually require sutures for closure and may leave a small scar.

The actual procedure for liposuction has been improved and changed since the original invention. There are now several different techniques that cosmetic surgeons can use to achieve excellent results.

Dr. Serota at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center has helped hundreds of men and women improve their appearance through liposuction. For more detailed information about this procedure or to schedule a liposuction consultation, visit or call 303-367-9000. 


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