Male Breast Reduction Scars

Posted by administration on July 14, 2016

Male_Breast_Reduction.pngMen who come to us for breast reduction are often concerned about scars, just as women are.  While breast reduction on men still produces scars, it is often not as significant of a procedure as a breast reduction on women.

Male breasts that are unusually large typically contain excess fat and glandular breast tissue.  The glandular breast tissue is typically centered right under the nipple.

In most cases where male breasts are mostly fat, tiny incisions are made that allow admittance of a thin liposuction cannula.  Where breasts are firmer due to glandular issues, an incision may be made in a semi-circular area around the bottom half of the areola.  If skin reduction is required, an incision may be needed surrounding the areola.  Your surgeon will determine the procedure best for you.

Incisions for male breast reduction typically heal quickly and are well hidden.  Most patients report an excellent level of satisfaction with the procedure.  Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver to schedule a cosmetic consultation. 


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