Otoplasty Aftercare Important

Posted by administration on December 26, 2015

Otoplasty_aftercare.jpgOtoplasty is plastic surgery performed to correct deformities in the ear.  It is performed more often on children than on adults.

Following otoplasty, a patient’s head is typically wrapped in a bandage that resembles a turban.  This is worn for up to five days after surgery.  The patient wears a ski-type headband for about a month after the turban is removed and then at night only for the following several months.  Warm compresses should be used on the ears several times a day for two weeks after removal of the turban.

Your surgeon will provide instructions about otoplasty aftercare, including instructions about grooming and washing your hair.  Blow dryers should be avoided.  For more information on otoplasty aftercare, please call the staff at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Denver.


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