Rhinoplasty Bruising

Posted by administration on October 3, 2016

Perhaps one of the most frequent fears patients have regarding rhinoplasty is that they will bruise severely and that the bruising will interfere with their work and social life. In our experience, here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center, the vast majority of our patients experience minimal bruising and those who do experience bruising can expect to return to work within a week after surgery when the nasal cast is removed.

We believe that the most important factor in minimizing our patient’s bruising is Dr. Serota’s surgery techniques. Dr. Serota takes special measures to help all our patients minimize bruising and swelling as much as possible.

Although the most important factor in how much you bruise is ultimately the care your surgeon takes in doing surgery, there are also a number of patient factors that can lead to bruising:

1.       Older, aged patients tend to have more fragile blood vessels and therefore can bruise slightly more.

2.       Bleeding tendencies/disorders - If you, or any family members have any history of excessive bruising or bleeding after procedures or in general, it is important that you discuss this with Dr. Serota.

3.       Medications - If you take medications that thin the blood it is important for you to discuss this with Dr. Serota prior to surgery.

Finally, there are a number of tips that Dr. Serota recommends in order to limit the extent of rhinoplasty bruising:

1.       Avoid any non-essential medications that thin the blood for a minimum of 2 weeks before surgery and do not resume them until you are directed to. These medications include (but are not limited to): aspirin, ibuprofen and many other over the counter anti-inflammatories.

2.       Keeping your head elevated can help reduce swelling and may also decrease bruising.

3.       Vitamin or herbal supplements such as bromelin, papaya extract, vitamin K and arnica may help to reduce bruising.

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