Is Rhinoplasty Good for a Wide Nose?

Posted by administration on November 23, 2015

rhinoplasty_for_wide_nose.jpgIf you have a wide nose and are wondering if you can achieve a natural looking improvement through rhinoplasty, the answer is usually “yes.”  Rhinoplasty is a great solution for a wide nose.

For some patients, it is the upper part of the nose that needs refinement, while others want to alter the tip or the nostrils.  Some patients want all aspects of their nose to be refined. Often some tip refinement is done to provide a smooth transition from the bridge of the nose to the tip.

Some patients are more suited for rhinoplasty than others based on anatomy, skin type and other factors.  These factors can also affect the outcome and patient satisfaction level. To discuss rhinoplasty for a wide nose, please contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Denver at 303-367-9000 or today!


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