Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

Posted by administration on September 5, 2014

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in 2013 there were 290,000 breast augmentation surgeries, up 37% since 2000. Of that 290,000:

  • 28% of women chose saline implants
  • 72% of women chose silicone implants

To make the decision between silicone vs. saline implants in Aurora, CO, you need to understand how they differ.

Both silicone and saline implants use a silicone outer shell. The difference between the two is how the shells are filled and what they are filled with.

  • Silicone breast implants are pre-filled with a sticky silicone gel in the patient’s desired size and shape. A larger incision may be necessary to place these in the proper chest location. However, many women feel silicone provides a more natural appearance over saline implants.
  • Saline breast implants are inserted into the chest empty and then filled with sterile salt water. Saline implants require a smaller incision and may cost slightly less than silicone implants.

Both options carry the same types of breast implant risks, including:

  • Implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue around the implants)
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Changes in sensation

Implant rupture with saline implants are quite noticeable and will cause the breast to deflate. However, silicone breast implant ruptures may not be noticeable because the silicone gel will not leak out as quickly. While this is not typically a medical emergency, a silicone implant rupture may eventually cause breast pain.

Choosing between saline and silicone implants in Aurora is ultimately up to each individual woman. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Serota can help you determine which type of implant might be best for your own unique body shape, lifestyle, goals and expectations after surgery.

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