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Posted by administration on September 16, 2016

If you love your eyelids, there is no reason to take our quiz. However, if your eyelids have begun to droop, making it difficult to …

  • Apply eye shadow …
  • Look as young as you feel …
  • Appear rested and alert …
  • See clearly …

… our quiz is a great first step in determining if eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) might be right for you.

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Eyelid Skin is Delicate

While it is possible to apply moisturizers to your eyelids, the skin in this area is very thin and fragile and is susceptible to irritation from any type of moisturizer – even expensive eye creams. Plus, moisturizers cannot significantly tighten sagging skin – it’s simply not possible.

Eyelid Surgery Gives Noticeable Results

Dr. Serota has performed hundreds of eyelid procedures over the past 32 years with great success. He combines advanced surgical techniques with an artistic eye to rejuvenate the eyes while maintaining a natural appearance.

It’s a Popular Procedure

There were over 203,000 eyelid surgeries performed in the United States in 2015. It remains one of the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures year after year because it can make a real difference in restoring a youthful appearance.

Is eyelid surgery right for you? Contact us today to schedule a free Cosmetic Consultation and find out if you are a good candidate. 


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