Thigh Lift Scars

Posted by administration on January 30, 2017

Thigh_Lift_Scars.jpgFor many people, the upper portion of the legs can be a problematic area of the body. Fat cells, cellulite and excess skin can accumulate on the thighs, making people look heavier, older and less fit than they actually are. Sagging skin on the thighs can also make people feel self-conscious about their appearance. Even with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet, the thigh area can be difficult or even impossible to tone and refine.

Fortunately, cosmetic surgery in Denver offers a solution to this problem area in the form of thigh lift surgery. A thigh lift is an excellent way to achieve firmer and more attractive upper legs. There are multiple techniques available to plastic surgeons which allow them to customize the thigh lift procedure to the precise needs of each individual patient. Dr. Serota will work with you to create a personalized surgical plan that suits your unique needs and goals so you can enjoy sexier legs.

Thigh lift scars are likely to occur with this surgical procedure. However, Dr. Serota attempts to position these scars to be as inconspicuous as possible. Many patients are unable to see their own scars and they are not noticeable unless they are being looked for specifically. The location of any thigh lift scar is dependent on the type of thigh lift procedure completed.

Medial (Inner) Thigh Lift: The incisions are made in the groin area and any excess fat and skin are removed along the inner portion of the thigh. For patients requiring more substantial removal of excess skin, an incision may also be made along the inner thigh.

Lateral (Outer) Thigh Lift: Depending on the requirements of a lateral thigh lift, the incisions will extend from the groin, around the hip, and possibly a buttock fold incision will be included. Incisions are more extensive than for a medial thigh lift.

If you are looking to achieve a firmer, smoother, more proportionate shape, a thigh lift may be right for you. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center at 303-367-9000 or to schedule a surgery consultation. 


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