Travel After Breast Augmentation

Posted by administration on March 7, 2017

Breast_Augmentation.jpgMost patients want to know how soon they can resume activities after breast augmentation. If you’re planning a trip shortly after your surgery in Location, or if you’ve traveled for the surgery itself, it’s important to discuss your travel plans with Dr. Serota during your surgery consultation.

Travel after breast augmentation can be perfectly safe if you follow Dr. Serota’s advice. A general guideline for travel would be about a week after your surgery, following your first post-operative exam. Here are some general guidelines for travel after breast augmentation surgery:

Many of the normal activities usually associated with airplane travel can potentially create post-surgical complications. Rapid walking or running to catch a flight, or pulling or lifting heavy luggage, could cause post-operative bleeding, as could any action that increases the heart rate or elevates the blood pressure. Because you do a lot of sitting during a flight, your risk of developing a blood clot is increased, so move around, walk through the cabin if possible, during the flight. Air travelers tend to become dehydrated because of the dry air in the cabin, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

Be cautious of other travelers. Airports and train stations can be very busy and hectic. No one except you will know that you’ve just had surgery, and they won’t be paying any more attention to you than they normally would. Getting bumped in the chest by an accidental elbow or backpack could cause damage or discomfort.

Choose an appropriate destination. Consider how much effort you’ll have to put forth to reach your destination. If traveling soon after your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to make travel plans that will ensure you don’t over exert yourself. Avoid adventurous plans such as hiking, backpacking or scuba diving. Although a beach vacation sounds relaxing, be cautious of the amount of time spent in hot weather or laying in the sun right after surgery. Heat and sunshine may lead to unnecessary swelling and discomfort, and can extend your recovery period.

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