About Us

Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-about-us.jpgAt the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Aurora, Colorado, we strive to make sure that patients, and potential patients, get the attention and treatment they deserve. The personal care and quality of that care are our first priorities to our patients. This begins with your first consultation and lasts through your post-operative visits. We also believe in the value of building relationships with our patients and will never treat them as simply another number.


Dr. Serota has practiced cosmetic surgery in the Denver, Colorado area for over 20 years. By remaining active in the community, he knows firsthand what it means to connect with those around him. His patients are treated no different. The experienced office team helps to make those who walk through the doors feel comfortable and at home. We are confident past patients will agree with this.

Through our diligence in the way you are treated, we focus on making sure that your comfort during whatever procedure you decide on, as well as your happiness with your procedure, is where they should be. However, this comfort and happiness should begin with your first consultation. You can expect to be treated as well as can be when you visit Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Our Office

Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-office1.jpg Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-office2.jpg Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-office3.jpg Advanced-cosmetic-surgery-center-office4.jpg

13701 E Mississippi Ave # 220
Aurora, CO 80012-3697
Phone: (303) 367-9000

To find out more about our cosmetic procedures please contact us or take our online cosmetic self evaluation to find out what procedures might be best for you. To schedule your personal consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Aurora, Colorado call 303-367-9000.