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Meet Dee Ann Rose:

This 48-year old mother of two came to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in the Summer of 2007 to talk to Dr. Serota about stubborn pockets of fat on her thighs, inner knees and upper arms.

Dee Ann had tried dieting and exercise for quite a while, but no matter how much weight she lost, couldn’t get rid of the excess fat. Heredity played a role too. Over the years, Dee Ann had watched her mom, who is in her early 70s, try every diet possible to get rid of fat in these same areas with minimal success. Dee Ann decided that she wanted to do something about it. After talking to friends and getting their recommendations, she chose to come in and talk to Dr. Serota about liposuction.

“I had done my homework before going in for my consultation,” said Dee Ann. “I knew how I wanted to look, but also had realistic expectations. Dr. Serota provided me with information, photos and a good understanding what the procedure entailed. He also fully explained the recovery period and what to expect over the subsequent weeks and months.”

Dee Ann had her liposuction surgery in September 2007. “Every day I feel like I’m looking better and better. I feel empowered because I now have control over how I look,” explained Dee Ann. “My body contour is much smoother, my legs look great and my clothes look better. I still try to watch what I eat (although I do love my nachos) and exercise in order to keep my new shape and proportion.”

“Nobody’s perfect,” Dee Ann says. “The important thing is that you feel good about yourself. Prior to going to Dr. Serota, I felt helpless and frustrated with my body. Now, I love the way I look. Having the liposuction procedure has really changed my life.”

Meet Mary:

Mary had been thinking about a facelift and eyelid surgery for over 3 years. In her 50s, she was experiencing the signs of aging. “I had a jowly look, my upper eyelids were beginning to sag and I had large bags under my eyes, giving me a tired appearance,” she explained. “I waited long enough. I just had to do something about it.”

A nurse at Aurora Regional Hospital, Mary had heard about Dr. Serota and knew his reputation as a top-notch plastic surgeon. In October 2006, Mary came to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center for a consultation. She was immediately impressed with the office staff and with Dr. Serota’s knowledge and attention to detail. As a nurse, Mary knew what to expect, but also had quite a few questions. “Dr. Serota showed me diagrams of the surgery in addition to explaining everything in great detail,” she said. “I left the office knowing that I was placing myself in good hands.”

The surgery went exactly as planned. Mary had minimal pain after surgery and in a couple of weeks was able to go out, covering up her slight bruising with makeup. “I’m so pleased with my results,” Mary said. “Dr. Serota is so good at what he does. The change to my face was subtle. The jowly look is gone as are the bags under my eyes. My original goal was to look more rested and refreshed. The surgery did that for me and, according to my nieces, has made me look 10 years younger!”

“Overall, I feel great about myself. Prior to the surgery, I rarely used makeup on my eyes because I didn’t want to draw attention to my face,” Mary explained. “Now, I’m wearing makeup to show off my new, refreshed look. The surgery and the care that I received from Dr. Serota and his staff have really had a positive effect on my life.”

Meet Madelene:

Madelene had given birth to a 10-pound baby. After losing the baby weight, she was left with loose, overstretched skin and weakened stomach muscles – in addition to a protruding abdomen. This is Madelene’s story in her own words.

“About 3 years ago, I decided to get a tummy tuck. Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I just didn’t feel good about myself. I was a size 4, but my stomach skin would hang over my pants. There was so much skin that I couldn’t even see my belly button. That’s when I went to see Dr. Serota.

“The first thing I noticed when I walked into Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center was a feeling of warmth and comfort. That, coupled with the helpfulness, friendliness and confidence exhibited by Dr. Serota and his entire staff immediately put me at ease. This feeling continued throughout my consultation.

“I initially chose to visit Dr. Serota because of his credentials and the fact that he was highly recommended by other patients. I wasn’t disappointed. Dr. Serota was patient, listened to my needs and answered all my questions. He took the time to explain exactly how the procedure would be performed, what I could expect during the recovery period and even went over details as to where the scars would be and how my new belly button would look.

“After my surgery, I was overcome with joy and gratefulness to Dr. Serota and his staff. The surgery went exactly as planned and exceeded all of my expectations. I never believed that it would be possible to look like ‘myself’ again. As a flight attendant, how I look is important and how I feel about myself can have an enormous effect on how I relate to others. I believe it’s important to be happy on the inside and the outside. Since my surgery, I have more confidence, feel great and absolutely love the way I look.”

Meet Passion:

“I’m completely satisfied. I had no idea that I would be this in love with my results!”

Meet Christina:

“Dr. Serota and his staff are honest, direct, competitive in pricing and extreme capable.”

Meet Sarah Ruth:

“Seek no further, Dr. Serota is the finest surgeon! A 10.”

Meet Gloria:

“I loved the staff. But most of all my results. Very happy! Thanks!”

Meet Veronika:

“Friendly and fun office makes you very welcome. They were all wonderful. Dr. Serota did a great job. I am happy with the outcome of my procedure. If and when I want to do anything else I will come back to Dr. Serota and recommend him to everyone I know.”

Meet Leslie:

“My self-esteem and outlook has substantially improved! Dr. Serota is great: always there for you and wants the ultimate results to be exactly what you want.”

Meet Eva:

“Having cosmetic surgery can be a big decision in your life. It will improve your self-confidence. Having self-confidence, in my opinion, is the best thing you can wear. I’m am incredibly happy in my results from Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and I would for sure recommend them.”

Meet Jandee:

“I love Dr. Serota and the staff. I feel at home here. I enjoy coming here. Before both of my procedures I was nervous but this team made me feel comfortable. Best experience here!”

Meet Patricia:

“Overall, it was great and I am happy and satisfied with the results.”

Meet Tammi:

“It changed my appearance and my confidence. I feel more appealing and love wearing swimsuits now.”

Meet Ernesto:

“Dr. Serota and his staff are very personable. I am so happy with my results. Excellent experience!”

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